40% of married couples with children in the US are stepcouples (at least one partner had a child from a previous relationship).(Karney, Garvan, & Thomas, 2003) That’s a lot of stepmoms! So it makes sense that any gift guide for moms would include some options for stepmoms. Thanks to BPProductReviews.com for featuring us in their Mother’s Day Gift Guide. There are some great ideas for both moms and stepmoms, so have a look! Much has been written about whether or not to recognize stepmoms on mother’s day, but don’t forget that the Sunday after mother’s day is Stepmother’s day, so there are options for recognizing the stepmom in your life.

Stepmom magazine and blog post

June was a busy month for StepmomGifts.com! First, we were featured in the June issue of Stepmom Magazine. Thanks to publisher Brenda Ockun for featuring us! Why not see for yourself by ordering a back issue, or better yet, pick up a subscription! Stepmom Magazine is an invaluable resource that every stepmother deserves.

We were also mentioned in a blog post by Barb Goldberg, author of The Evil Stepmother Speaks. Barb’s lovely post reminds us all of how important Stepmoms can be, and how they stick with their family through thick and thin.

Gifts for stepmoms - t-shirts, mugs, bags, pillows, phone cases

Welcome to StepmomGifts.com! Our goal is to provide gifts and gift ideas for stepmoms everywhere. Being a stepmother can be an extremely challenging role for any woman, and the many contributions that stepmoms make are all too often not acknowledged enough. When was the last time you showed the stepmom in your life how much you appreciate everything she does? Get her something special today. Our unique gifts are designed in-house by the StepmomGifts.com team, and they’re sure to make her smile. Check out even more ideas on our Ultimate Stepmom Gift Ideas List. It’s a great place to start. Happy shopping!