Skirts at War: Beyond Divorce Mom / Stepmom Conflict

Many divorced moms and stepmoms feel doomed to a lifetime of power struggles when the other household is indifferent or openly hostile. Skirts at War is a reassuring and playful hands-on guide to thriving as a stepparent, remarried mom or single parent, even if the other side won’t meet you halfway. Learn how to master the most common challenges vexing divorce-connected families today:

Instincts – why they’re working against you and what to do instead
Support – how to sidestep well-meaning, but sabotaging advice and tune into truth-telling wisdom
Men – how fathers see our interconnected roles, in the words of a man in the middle himself
Expectations – why your “reasonable” assumptions set you up for disappointment and resentment
Self-Worth – why old issues from your past are easily triggered and how to desensitize them
Boundaries – how to transfer responsibilities to the right shoulders and stop overdoing

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