Stepmom Magazine

The number one resource that every stepmom should have! With articles written by the leading experts in stepfamily dynamics, StepMom Magazine is like having an entire team of stepfamily therapists, counselors and stepmom coaches at your fingertips.

StepMom Magazine is a monthly, online publication. It’s the how-to guide for any woman dating, living with, or married to someone who has kids.

With a subscription you’ll learn how to:

  • Stop feeling like an outsider in your own home
  • Become a united front and strengthen your relationship
  • Connect with your stepkids
  • Reduce the negative impact the ex has on your life
  • Communicate your feelings so your partner hears you
  • Support your family without losing your own identity
  • Overcome negative emotions like anger and guilt
  • Practice self-care without feeling selfish
  • Master the art of detaching or disengaging with love
  • Build a support network of other stepmoms
  • Take back control of your life and be happy

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