The Evil Stepmother Speaks – A Guide for Stepfamilies Who Want to Love and Laugh

Once upon a time, in a family down the street, there was a King and a Queen who had two children. One day, the impossible happened. The King and Queen divorced. Eventually, the King remarried. There was a new Queen aka The Stepmother. Chaos reigned. Naively, when the stepmother joined the family, she expected her fairy tale to continue. Instead, questions plagued her mind. Why doesn’t anyone in the stepfamily listen to me? Why doesn’t the biological parent see what I see? Why am I so frustrated? Laugh and cry as The Evil Stepmother Speaks takes you on the stepmother’s journey as she seeks to find the magic potion that will unify her family and bring sanity to the chaos. At last, you will learn how to reclaim Your Happily Ever After. Meet the mystical characters that teach the secrets of stepfamily happiness. You will cheer for stepfamily expert Barb Goldberg as she identifies and shows you how to mix and mingle with your new family.

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