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Welcome to StepmomGifts.com! Our goal is to provide gifts and gift ideas for stepmoms everywhere. Being a stepmother can be an extremely challenging role for any woman, and the many contributions that stepmoms make are all too often not acknowledged enough. When was the last time you showed the stepmom in your life how much you appreciate everything she does? Get her something special today. Our unique gifts are designed in-house by the StepmomGifts.com team, and they’re sure to make her smile. Check out even more ideas on our Ultimate Stepmom Gift Ideas List. It’s a great place to start. Happy shopping!

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  1. Dear Marni, this is a fantastic idea! As a former stepmother, I dearly wish this site had existed when I had a stepdaughter. I’m a professional writer and book editor, and I’d love to share with you a book I recently edited for my client, author Margit Eva Bernard, titled STEP BACK: A STEPMOTHER’S HANDBOOK. Margit is a twice-married stepmother of seven and stepgrandmother of 17, and she has gathered her 50 years of experience into a guide for stepmothers and stepmothers-to-be — my mother calls her “the godmother of stepmothers!” STEP BACK contains fresh insights through Margit’s candid portrayal of her relationships with her two husbands and seven stepchildren. Not just an autobiographical perspective, the 90-page handbook reveals essential truths about human connections of every kind. Because stepmotherhood is more than a pop culture phenomenon, Ms. Bernard wanted to create an accessible classic handbook for the ages…and I think she’s succeeded. STEP BACK might well be a nice addition to your gift book offerings; I do hope you’ll read it and let me know, and reach out to me with any questions or thoughts. In the meantime, I’ll be happy to share your site with all of my stepmom friends, friends who know stepmoms, and friends with stepmoms!

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